Stages of Life with Ted Carr: Episode 093

Stages of Life Image for Ted CarrTed came onto my show as a guest to talk about stages of life, namely the 6 stages of retirement. Mr. Carr is a podcaster himself, with the show, Retirement Journeys, which discusses similar topics as this show, but he also includes financial topics on his show.

In case you’re wondering, the stages of life (retirement life) include:

  • Pre-retirement
  • Retirement
  • Disenchantment
  • Reorientation
  • Retirement Routine
  • Termination of Retirement (death)

Ed was young (mid-50s) when he retired in 2010 from a biotech company in San Francisco.  Because so many people had asked him how he was able to retire so young he decided to take his story online.

Let’s look at some of these stages of life that Ted went through:


This is the time while you are working that you are saving and investing for the time when you will be able to stop working.  Ted did a good job at this, or he wouldn’t have been able to retire in his mid-50s.  Many people don’t plan far enough in advance, for whatever reasons, and so the other stages of life become more difficult for them.  However, that’s not what the Rock your Retirement show is all about so we’ll let you reach out to your financial adviser for help with this.


This is fun for most, but can be the shortest stage of life (retirement life) for many.  That’s because it’s really only a day, a week, a month, or six.  A retirement date.  The retirement stage of life is the party.  You may go out to dinner with your work buddies.  Or you might have a cake on your last day of work.  The parties, balloons, and dinners have become a rite of passage for our actual retirement date.

It can be a second “honeymoon” where you hike, garden, bicycle or create art.  Many people read or catch up on their yard work.

Ted took the “honeymoon” path when he first retired, and he describes this in his blog:

“After I retired in May 2010, I took the “honeymoon” path. In Retirement Journeys, I refer to this as “Arriving in Retirement”, a bridge from work life to retirement life. My wife and I moved from the Bay Area to Arizona in June 2010. Our first few months were spent settling into a new house and community. We had many home improvement projects to work on. We returned to the Bay Area frequently. When I look back at our calendar, I am reminded of the variety of ways that we spent our free time. We attended financial seminars, concerts, car auctions, baseball games and community-based meetings. In May 2011 we bought hybrid bikes and began riding once or twice a week”.1 

But there is only so much hiking, gardening, and bicycling you can do. So that led Ted to the next stage of retirement:


This is the letdown stage of life.  The honey moon is over.  It’s when many retirees become depressed. They can feel lonely, bored, useless, and disillusioned.  When they were working, people returned their phone calls.  People respected them.  Now, in this stage, many feel disrespected.

It’s this stage of life that the Rock Your Retirement show tries to help out.

Ted went through this stage too, as we discussed in the interview.  In 2011 he started worrying about whether he had made the right decision.  He didn’t feel productive and started writing in his journal to vent. For many, when they hit this stage, marriage problems can ensue.And it was affecting Ted’s marriage.  So he  looked at some preemptive steps:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Work
  3. Meetup
  4. Deeper Confrontation

Because Ted had started the look inward in this stage of life, he was able to progress to the next stage of life called re-orientation.


Not everyone gets to this stage.  In order to get through it, you need to re-examine your role in life.  You need to ask yourself what your new purpose in life is.  And you need to find out if you are still useful in some way.  Ted had to answer the question, “Who am I, now?”

Before he could answer that question, Ted took inventory of his life.  He needed to find out why he was so unhappy.  Was it missing his paycheck? Missing the actual work itself?  What was it?

In Ted’s case, he discovered that he had negative feelings toward his alcoholic father.  He read the book, Forgiveness is a Choice, by Robert D Enright. He worked through its exercises.

Ted started volunteering at a local museum.  It gave him purpose and responsibility.  This helped him ease into the next stage of life, retirement routine.

Retirement Routine:

Mr. Carr calls this “Retirement 2.0”  This is where you are living a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle.  It can mean a daily run, volunteer time, or whatever your daily routine is.  For Ted, it means working on his podcast, his blog, and his volunteer work.

Retirement Termination:

Thank goodness Ted hasn’t reached this stage, but he lives by the quote, “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tomorrow.”  James Dean

Ted Carr can be reached at www.retirementjourneys.com


  1. The 6 Stages of Retirement – Retirement Journeys, The 6 Stages of Retirement, http://retirementjourneys.com/2015/07/the-6-stages-of-retirement/

Assisted Living Facilities and what you should look for

Of course we wanted the best for our parents and choosing an assisted living facility can be tough. Christine Murphy gives us an advice on what too look for when choosing the perfect facility. You can listen to the show at : http://rockyourretirement.libsyn.com/assisted-living-facilities-and-what-you-should-look-for

Christine Murphy: Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities and what you should look for

In episode 49 of Rock Your Retirement we talked with Christine Murphy about Assisted Living Facilities and what you should look for.

Christine has held a RCFE Administrator’s Certificate since 2007. Her thesis work was documented in “An Exposition of Irregularities in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) in San Diego and Imperial Counties” (Montezuma Publishing, SDSU, 2010).  This was based on original research conducted on the public files of 354 Communities located in San Diego and Imperial counties.

She is CARR’s Program Manager in the County of San Diego. CARR is developing a website with a rating system for assisted living facilities in San Diego county.

Chris placed her mom in an assisted living facility, but she saw things she didn’t like.  She felt that her mom was in danger at the facility.  Indeed, Mom’s health and safety were being jeopardized.

Mom passed away, and then Chris filed a lawsuit. Two years later the law suit settled, and she started looking for ways to leverage what she had learned. Chris wanted to benefit other families who had to make assisted living placement decisions.

Their hope is that their work levels the playing field.  They want to advocate for consumers of assisted living services. They want them to be empowered and knowledgeable advocates for their resident in assisted living.

We created the freebie for you, “5 things to look for in an Assisted Living Community: hint: it’s not the beautiful chandelier!”  To download the freebie, just go to http://RockYourRetirement.com/assistedliving. In case you are wondering, those five things are:

  • Administrator Information
  • Food
  • Staffing
  • Medication assistance
  • Personal care

The freebie goes into a bit more detail.

On the show, Chris goes through all of these items to help us find what questions to ask when looking at an assisted living facility.

Did you find that you don’t understand the terminology?  Me neither!  I frequently call “assisted living facilities” by the wrong name!  (My bad.) That’s why her organization created a free Android App called Assisted Living 101.  It’s available at the Android Play Store (sorry iPhone users, but they are still working on the iPhone version).  So download that today.

To end the show, Chris said that you DON’T have to RETIRE!  Working can be a reason to get up in the morning.

Contact information:  http://rcfereform.org


How To Take The Headache Out Of keeping track of your parent’s medical documents: Episode 067

parent's medical documents

parent’s medical documents

Michael’s mother had a stroke and could no longer care for herself, so Michael became her caregiver.

He discovered the constant need to repeat care giving information to various caregivers so he ended up carrying a binder with him that contained his parent’s medical documents. During this period Michael’s company hired an Elder Family Resource person to help manage the complexities of her care.

James, a longtime friend of Micheal’s, had a similar experience. His father developed sudden onset Parkinson’s after his mother passed away and so couldn’t care for himself. James lived far away, but his sisters lived near his dad. As his dad’s needs increased, it became increasingly difficult to manage the household and care giving information between siblings.

Michael and James talked about their respective care giving challenges and the need for a way to store and share critical documents became obvious. This led to their forming ElderAdmin to fulfill this very important need.

This service stores images of their documents, and you can access it anywhere!  OK…anywhere Internet can be accessed.

Whether you use their program or not, you’ll need access to documents.  Some of the critical documents that are needed for care giving are:

• Advanced Healthcare Directive
• Power of Attorney
• Will or Trust
• Estate Planning Documents
• List of Medications
• Health Status
• Insurance Documents
• Financial Account Statements

ElderAdmin can help take the headache out of keeping track of your parent’s medical documents:

It is a membership plan that can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone. There is a free service is for individuals.  If you need more than one person to be able to access the info, then you can get that for $9.50 per month (as of 3/2017) for unlimited access and storage.

One of the great features of ElderAdmin is in the area of security. Whoever posts the document has ultimate control over who can and who can’t access particular sections containing information. Encryption with unique IDs and passwords protect your parent’s medical documents.

Today’s Freebie is The Important Documents Checklist, and it can be found at http://RockYourRetirement.com/documents

Website: www.ElderAdmin.com  Phone: 844-350-4582  Email: Contact@ElderAdmin.com

Special Thanks to:

  • Angie Strehlow who helps us get great guests that help us with our retirement lifestyle while keeping everything on track
  • Les Briney, my husband, and Danny Ozment of Emerald City Pro who edit the show and makes me and my guests sound terrific
  • Lesinda Tubalado who helps keep the website up to date
  • Henry Shapiro, host of Retired Excited that airs on Fridays
  • YOU the listener for sharing on social media, and telling your friends about it

This post on Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on http://RockYourRetirement.com


A little on their backgrounds:

Michael Blevins

Managing Director and Co-founder, Michael Blevins knows from personal experience the need for ElderAdmin’s unique services. Ongoing care for a mom afflicted with dementia led to his knowledge in the ever-changing health care procedures and programs, which makes him especially sensitive to ElderAdmin member needs. With over 32 years’ experience in performance management with nationally recognized financial institutions, including 10 years with a Fortune 500 company, Michael has the qualifications to oversee the operation of ElderAdmin.

Michael attended California State University, San Bernardino, and lives in southern California.

James Hendrick, CSA

Director and Co-founder, James Hendrick was inspired to address one of the most urgent problems facing today’s growing population after his own father’s passing from Parkinson’s Disease: family care giving for aging parents.

With over 20 years of experience in project management and implementation with major world-wide institutions and Fortune 100 companies, James has a solid record of success in technical vision, business solutions and operational strategies. Such diverse, hands-on background was instrumental in the creation and development of ElderAdmin and continues to facilitate its growth and effectiveness.

As a Certified Senior Advisor living in southern California, James has received the education and training to better serve senior clients. Married with three children and three very active grandchild and he understands the challenge of balancing career and family life with senior caregiving.


Stop! This ElderHelp of San Diego Information Could Change Your Life! Ep: 25

Have you heard of ElderHelp? Carrie is with us today to explain how she is helping seniors through ElderHelp. You can listen to the show at http://rockyourretirement.libsyn.com/stop-this-elderhelp-of-sd-info-could-change-your-life-ep-26

Carrie McClellan helps Seniors through ElderHelp of San Diego

Carrie McClellan helps Seniors through ElderHelp of San Diego

Carrie McClellan is helping seniors through ElderHelp of San Diego.

Elderhelp is a non-profit organization that helps seniors live independently and with dignity.

Carrie started her career as a Social Services Director in a Skilled Nursing Facility.

She worked with many older adults and their families to develop a safe discharge plan when they were ready to return home again. This was an eye opener for her as she realized that  many older adults were going home with little to no support from family or friends. If someone was on a fixed income, it was even more difficult. This is when she learned about ElderHelp of San Diego and she’s been the Outreach Manager for nearly 5 years now. She works in the community to ensure those in need are aware of all of the programs and services that ElderHelp of San Diego has to offer.  She also recruits the volunteers who help provide many of these services.  They are always looking for volunteers!

We talked about Mary who has been member for 10 years. She is in her 80’s and has several health conditions that have impacted her life. Throughout the years, Mary has added different services that ElderHelp of San Diego offers. Her family does not live close.  They appreciate and take comfort knowing that there is someone looking out for her.

Learn about some of the services and programs they offer such as:

  • Seniors A Go Go provides escorted transportation.
  • Concierge Club offers help with the basic necessities of life such as Grocery Shopping, Friendly Visits, Minor Home Repairs, and more.
  • Home Share matches seniors who want to rent a room in their home with adults of all ages who are in need of housing.
  • RUOK makes phone calls to people Monday through Friday to check in on them and make sure everything is OK.

For more information or to learn how to volunteer:

For information about programs: (619) 284-9281 or info@elderhelpofsandiego.org

To volunteer, call Carrie directly at: (858) 380-5245 or email her at: cmcclellan@elderhelpofsandiego.org

Their website is: http://www.elderhelpofsandiego.org