Les and Kathe’s Movie Pass Experience: Episode 112

What is a Movie Pass?

Movie Pass lets you watch a movie for free! You just have to pay $10 per month to get one and you can watch movies every day. Imagine 30 movies in 30 days for only $10!! How awesome is that?


Advantages of Movie Pass:

  • You can watch new release movies
  • You can watch movies every day for free
  • There are no blocked out dates
  • At theaters where advanced seating is available, you can select your seat in advance
  • You’ll save tons of $$$

I wouldn’t say disadvantages but here are some things you cannot do with your Movie Pass:

  • You cannot watch 2 movies in a day
  • Members can’t watch the same movie twice
  • You can’t watch 3D movies
  • Tickets can be bought the same day you are going to watch the movie. You cannot buy days ahead.
  • To reserve your seat, you must be 100 feet away from the theatre

Having a Movie Pass lets you save a lot of money that you can use to spend on other things. You can have a movie date every day and still have some extra bucks to spend on dinner or groceries.

Watching a movie is a great stress reliever and it’s super fun! However, there are things that you might be doing in the cinema that might be annoying to other people. Here are some examples:
  • Texting – this one is very common. Did you know that the light on your cell phone is distracting?
  • Not putting your phone on silent mode – this one is really annoying. Imagine you’re watching a movie and when it’s climax, someone’s phone is going to ring in maximum volume.
  • Talking loudly – just like not putting your phone on silent mode.

Les and I became interested in Movie Pass when we visited my parents on the East Coast. We went to the cinema and my parents didn’t pay for their ticket! And because of this, we thought, why not get a Movie Pass instead of paying $15-20 per person per movie?

We are sharing this experience because it will help you in your Retirement Lifestyle. You will save a lot of cash especially if you’re a movie-goer. You can spend it on other things like one of my personal favorites, cruises. If you love gardening you can spend it on fertilizers or seeds!


After buying your Movie Pass in Costco, you need to complete your registration. CLICK HERE for the registration page.

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Your hobby can help you in your Retirement: Episode 108

Your hobby can help you in your Retirement

Kim Jamieson-Hirst is a YouTube superstar and a pretty big deal in the quilting world! I brought her on the show to not only talk about her hobby of quilting but how ANY hobby can help you in your retirement. Kim is the owner of Chatterbox Quilts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She started quilting more than a decade ago and initially thought it was boring. But after her friends encouraged her to try and enroll in a quilting course, she became addicted and started her business in 2008. Her designs and articles have been featured in Quilter’s Connection magazine, Irish Quilting, The Country Register, and Bustle & Sew ezine.

Kim is the creator of Unloved and Unappreciated: Finding the Hidden Value in Vintage Sewing Machines and is currently working on more online courses to help quilters reclaim their joy in the craft.

If you think quilting isn’t for you or might “boring”, think again! We talked about the various kinds of equipment used as well as the different kinds of quilts there are. It’s quite fascinating! You will also discover during this interview, that I know absolutely nothing about quilting!

We also discussed her YouTube channel called Chatterboxquilts. It teaches her followers how to quilt, how to use machines for quilting, and so much more! She’s also a blogger, and Kim also works part-time at a French immersion elementary school. Busy lady! What started her project is her passion to share her knowledge with other quilters so that they could enjoy their craft more. Just like our previous guest, Ellen Williamson, Kim’s quilting is more of a “jobby”.

Kim goes into greater detail in her freebie, but her tips for reclaiming joy in your hobby are:

  • Join groups that have the same hobby as you!
    • Exchanging ideas and earning more friends that have the same hobby as you will help you a lot.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
    • Everyone is unique. You may be good at quilting and not at woodworking.
  • Give yourself permission to stop working on a project.
    • Sometimes, you might feel like you’re not enjoying what you are doing anymore. It’s okay to stop. Time is too short to work on things that you’re no longer enjoying.
  • Don’t feel guilty about the time you spent in working on your hobby.
    • You can’t buy happiness. If you love what you are doing, just keep on doing it! Also, hobbies are good for your mental and emotional health.
  • Stop, but don’t quit!
    • You might feel that you’re not having fun on what you’re doing. Take a break.

If you would like to download, 5 Steps to Reclaiming the Joy in your Hobby, it can be found at http://RockYourRetirement.com/Hobby

Kim’s contact information is: Email: kim@chatterboxquilts.com * Website: www.chatterboxquilts.com

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy quilting, sports, cars, or even steam trains, it is important to find a hobby (or several) as your hobby can help you in your retirement. What is your hobby? Share it with us in the notes below.

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RE029: Passion for Art in Retirement

Di Lockwood talks about her passion for artHenry interviews Di Lockwood on her passion for art.

Before retiring at the age of 54, Di was a teacher for about 37 years. She always has a strong love for art and she knew once she retired she was going to pursue her passion for art. She even planned and prepared for it before she retired by studying and taking courses. When she did retire, she took up visual arts and decided she like printmaking the most. Di created an art gallery in her home. It is a not for profit gallery and she only charged a small amount just to help pay for the insurance she has to have.

Di doesn’t do what she does for the money (she doesn’t really make money) she truly loves what she does and has a true passion for art.

Henry sat down with her and talked about her passion.  Di talked about her experience teaching art. She told us a story of a young man from Afghanistan who she said, was extremely talented. He had never painted once in his life until he was in the Darwin Detention Center. (Which is an Australian Immigration detention facility)

Henry and Di also talk about:

  • How she made a studio in her home  (wouldn’t that be lovely!)
  • Her idea to set up a not for profit art gallery for emerging artists
  • How she was able to provide a space where refugee women could gather and she helped them establish themselves in the community
  • Jackson Pollock’s painting ‘Blue Poles’

Not to be outdone, Di has her own Facebook Page!  If you would like to check out Di’s Facebook go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/librandogma/

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RE028: Selling Deer Antler Velvet in Retirement

Di and Ross Lawrence discuss selling deer antler velvetHenry interviews Di and Ross Lawrence who run a business selling deer antler velvet in their retirement.

Before Di and Ross retired, they ran a deer farm. Di worked part-time as a bookkeeper and Ross ran the farm. As they got older, they knew they would have to leave their farm as it became too much work for them to maintain. Ross even got pretty seriously injured. In 2014, they decided it was time to sell.

Henry talks with them about the transition from farm life to life in the suburbs. It was an easy transition for them. They bought their home before they sold their farm.  Ross and Di downsized their belongings.  They were prepared for it. It was, however, difficult for Ross to leaving the animals he had taken care of for so long.

Ross knew he wanted to stay in touch with the deer industry after he retired. He already had a small online business selling deer antler velvet products and he decided he would continue that business in his retirement.

 What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer antler velvet is the entire immature antler. It is harvested before it calcified to its normal state. Once they remove the antlers they do grow back each year. It has been used for thousands of years as a food product. It is also used in Chinese medicine to promote good health and is used as a natural remedy for a wide variety of things. Henry talks with Di and Ross about their business and the various uses for their product.

Di and Ross haven’t only been “working” in their retirement. Di has been enjoying getting her new home together. She has been able to catch up on sewing, reading, and she has been able to start doing more walking. Ross has plans to start golfing and they have been doing some traveling. All of those things we don’t usually have time to do before we retire.

If you would like to contact the Lawrence’s, you can email them at ross@deerfarm.com.au. Find them on the internet at www.deerfarm.com.au.  You can also find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/deervelvetantler

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RE026: Passion for Steam Trains

David Mickle talks about his Passion for Steam TrainsDavid Mickle has had a passion for steam trains for 50 years.

Before David he retired at the young age of 70, he worked as an electrician. He looked forward to retiring so he would have more time to pursue his passion for steam trains.

When David was a young child he was fascinated with steam trains. His passion for steam trains only grew as he got older.

Henry and David discuss his volunteer work on the on the Puffing Billy which is a voluntary Railway group that operates a steam train in Australia. David was a volunteer laborer and helped to restore the cars and railways after a landslide.

They also discuss David’s involvement with the Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club.

David was one of the very first members of this club and was also involved in the club for over 50 years.

Dave also restored a steam engine with the help of his friend. It was manufactured by the Yorkshire Steam Wagon Company and has a horizontal boiler on the front with Ackermann steering. There is nothing automatic about this steam wagon either. You have to stop to change gears. Henry and Dave talk about the restoration process and it really is amazing.

In listening to Henry’s interview David, you can really tell how important this hobby is to David. He is a man with some fascinating stories who is more than happy to share them. There is some amazing history and heritage behind steam trains.

Do you have a passion for steam trains?

You don’t have to actually own a steam train if you are interested in them. There are steam engine organizations where you can volunteer doing things such as working on the trains or driving the trains.

What is David advice for retirees? Find a hobby and keep your body active and your mind active. Sounds like great advice!

Websites Mentioned in this interview:

Have you ever ridden on a steam train?  Leave a comment below to tell us about your experience.

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Documentary About Women Over Sixty: 081

Melissa Davey -Documentary About Women Over SixtyMelissa Davey, who is in her 60’s, retired at the end of 2015, to pursue her second act and dream of becoming a filmmaker. She is currently making a Documentary about women over sixty. Her film is The Beyond Sixty Project.

Melissa used to sit in restaurants and watch everyone. She has this infinite need to understand people.

Melissa had no experience in the film industry. She always had an interest in film and the process of making a film. In 2014 she got to spend the day on set with M. Night Shyamalan who is a famous film director. He asked her what she did, and after explaining her high-powered job as a Vice President she said: “But that’s not what I really want to do.”

She told him that she wanted his job. After this day, Melissa knew she was going to make a film, and she knew it would be a documentary about women over sixty. She went into work the next day, talked to her CEO about retiring, and the process of her new career began!

I feel like I am still growing and learning, and that’s an awesome thing to be feeling when you’re this age.

Melissa went online and googled women doing interesting things.  She began building the list of women who are now in the documentary about women over sixty. Melissa wasn’t looking for famous women.  She wanted “everyday” women who are resilient, relevant and have an amazing story to tell. Even before she quit working, Melissa began learning the process, scheduling meetings, and networking with people who could help her. We also talked about the process of selecting the women who are going to be in the film (which is a very tough decision to make sometimes). Melissa says that “mostly it is just a gut feeling”.

She also tells us the story of Paula who is in her 60’s and is a veterinarian in Vermont. This is a very low-key, unassuming lady who just last year, swam the English Channel! She is the oldest woman from the United States to complete the English Channel swim.

You can watch the “teaser” on Paula and the other women on Melissa’s website at http://www.beyondsixtyproject.com/ or if you would like to contact Melissa you can email her at melissajdavey@verizon.net

Her documentary documentary about women over sixty is still a work in progress.

And at the time of the interview, Melissa said they were probably about half way finished. I personally cannot wait to see the finished product and, perhaps, be Melissa’s date to the Oscar’s someday! What a great way to Rock Your Retirement!

Some of the websites mentioned in the interview

This was great fun!  If you’d like to join in the conversation with Melissa and me, leave a comment below!.

The freebie for this episode is Secrets about retirement your broker won’t tell you. You can get this by going to http://RockYourRetirement.com/Secrets

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