Your hobby can help you in your Retirement: Episode 108

Your hobby can help you in your Retirement

Kim Jamieson-Hirst is a YouTube superstar and a pretty big deal in the quilting world! I brought her on the show to not only talk about her hobby of quilting but how ANY hobby can help you in your retirement. Kim is the owner of Chatterbox Quilts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She started quilting more than a decade ago and initially thought it was boring. But after her friends encouraged her to try and enroll in a quilting course, she became addicted and started her business in 2008. Her designs and articles have been featured in Quilter’s Connection magazine, Irish Quilting, The Country Register, and Bustle & Sew ezine.

Kim is the creator of Unloved and Unappreciated: Finding the Hidden Value in Vintage Sewing Machines and is currently working on more online courses to help quilters reclaim their joy in the craft.

If you think quilting isn’t for you or might “boring”, think again! We talked about the various kinds of equipment used as well as the different kinds of quilts there are. It’s quite fascinating! You will also discover during this interview, that I know absolutely nothing about quilting!

We also discussed her YouTube channel called Chatterboxquilts. It teaches her followers how to quilt, how to use machines for quilting, and so much more! She’s also a blogger, and Kim also works part-time at a French immersion elementary school. Busy lady! What started her project is her passion to share her knowledge with other quilters so that they could enjoy their craft more. Just like our previous guest, Ellen Williamson, Kim’s quilting is more of a “jobby”.

Kim goes into greater detail in her freebie, but her tips for reclaiming joy in your hobby are:

  • Join groups that have the same hobby as you!
    • Exchanging ideas and earning more friends that have the same hobby as you will help you a lot.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
    • Everyone is unique. You may be good at quilting and not at woodworking.
  • Give yourself permission to stop working on a project.
    • Sometimes, you might feel like you’re not enjoying what you are doing anymore. It’s okay to stop. Time is too short to work on things that you’re no longer enjoying.
  • Don’t feel guilty about the time you spent in working on your hobby.
    • You can’t buy happiness. If you love what you are doing, just keep on doing it! Also, hobbies are good for your mental and emotional health.
  • Stop, but don’t quit!
    • You might feel that you’re not having fun on what you’re doing. Take a break.

If you would like to download, 5 Steps to Reclaiming the Joy in your Hobby, it can be found at http://RockYourRetirement.com/Hobby

Kim’s contact information is: Email: kim@chatterboxquilts.com * Website: www.chatterboxquilts.com

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy quilting, sports, cars, or even steam trains, it is important to find a hobby (or several) as your hobby can help you in your retirement. What is your hobby? Share it with us in the notes below.

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Caring for someone with Dementia: Episode 102

Caring for someone with Dementia

Caring for someone (especially our loved one) with Dementia can be challenging. Rick Topete is with us today to give us advice on how to take care of someone with Dementia.


Rick Topete’s passion with seniors began way back when he was in high school.

He studied at St. Bernard High School where they visit local Senior Centers in Los Angeles. During his visit to Senior Centers, they would play cards, listen to old-time music, hear their great stories, put a smile on their face and let them know they mattered. In 2011, he had an opportunity at Silverado Care. Within the first year of taking the job, his Aunt was diagnosed with early onset of Dementia that made it “real” and really centered him on what this disease is.

Rick gives us some tips on how to take care of someone with Dementia.

  • Keep the tone of your voice pleasant and soft.
    • Sometimes, the noise can have an effect on someone with Dementia.
  • Gentle eye contact
  • Stay away from negative words
  • Change topic if needed
  • Give simple choices
    • Example, would you like to wear the red sweater or the blue sweater?
  • Know their passion and help them use and maintain the remaining strength they have today.
    • Celebrate their abilities and not focus on their limitation
  • If a loved one has passed, be in the moment with them

Rick tells us it’s all about understanding what their passion is, what’s their past job, hobbies, etc. Once you get to know them better, you can use it to help them feel important. If you knew someone with Dementia and you know that he or she likes gardening, make him or her do gardening (with supervision, of course). It’s all about not making them feel that they have a disease or that they are useless. What’s important is that we make them feel that they matter, that they have a purpose.

“Give them the opportunity to live, understand what’s in their heart, understand what’s important to them.”

Even though the disease may be there it doesn’t mean they can’t live and still have that social involvement in living

each day.

Below are some links to support activities for Seniors, especially those with a Dementia diagnosis.

If you would like to contact Rick his phone number is 760-215-5517

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Organizing Your Home: Episode 088

Lisa Woodruff talks about organizing your home

I talk with Lisa Woodruff about organizing your home

Lisa Woodruff believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. She has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at Organize365.com.

Got clutter? I Do.

I am the “queen of clutter” or, as Lisa put’s it, “I have a hard time separating the memory from the object”. Makes perfect sense right? Since listening to Lisa’s show, I have been making progress. I am a HUGE fan of Lisa’s show and wanted YOU, my listener, to be able to learn tips on organizing your home.

Paper.. how to deal with all of the paper!

When you look at a stack of 100 sheets of paper, you think that is 100 different items that you need to deal with. Lisa looks at your stack of 1000 pieces of paper and she knows that there are no more than 8 categories in that stack of paper and she can go through it super quickly. Lisa gives an amazing tip on how to go through the archived paper. You know, the mounds of paper you have in your filing cabinet or scattered all over your desk, or taking over your kitchen table..that paper. Using Lisa’s method, you can be completely through an entire filing cabinet in just a few months.

The Sunday Basket

The Sunday Basket is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter “to do” papers, and ongoing household projects.

Some examples of things you might put in the Sunday basket are:

  • Mail
  • Receipt for some prescriptions that you picked up
  • The dry cleaning ticket
  • The little card you get from the doctor’s office telling you it’s time for your next visit
  • A birthday card you bought for your granddaughter
  • Let’s say you planned on re-hanging some pictures and you went and got command hooks. You would put those in there.

The rule is that you pick a day of the week (Lisa does hers on Sunday) and you take every single thing out of the basket. You then ask yourself one question; can this wait until next Sunday?  If the answer is yes, the item goes back in the basket. If the answer is no, it is left out to be taken care of. She even suggests making a Sunday basket for your spouse or for your loved one that you are caring for!

Lisa gives so many tips on organizing your home in this interview there is no way I could write them all here. If you have any great ideas or tips on organization feel free to post them in the comments below!

Lisa’s Books: The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time

If you would like to contact Lisa you can email her at lisa@organize365.com or you can go to her website https://organize365.com/

Or you can check out her virtual Sunday Basket Classes at https://thesundaybasket.com/

Websites mentioned in this interview: Zoom

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RE023: Learning to Fly

Peter Glover learning to flyPeter Glover was learning to fly when he was 60 years old!

Some people retire once, Peter Glover did it twice. The first was a planned retirement and an injury caused the second. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though!

With time on his hands, Peter was able to pursue his passion of learning to fly.

Before Peter retired, he raced cars and motorcycles. His mechanical experience allowed him to build “rally cars”. Peter won a some major races in Australia. Once he retired from this work, he bought a large sheep and crop farm. With basically no experience, Peter managed his farm successfully until he was injured and hurt his back. This stopped his farming career.

Peter didn’t have the opportunity to become a pilot as a teenager.  But it was still in his heart to learn.  And after he spoke with a pilot at a car race one day, he decided he was going to fulfill his dream of learning to fly.

Think it’s expensive?  Learning to fly might not be as expensive as you think.  But not everyone can do it because you would spend about as much for a good light plane as a mid priced luxury car.

Henry and Peter discuss all of the details in learning to fly such as:

  • Choice of aircraft
  • The types of licenses you can get
  • Determining whether to own or lease a plane
  • Regulations for private flying (which is over-regulated in Australia according to Peter)
  • Fit to fly issues
  • Safety issues
  • Insurance, servicing & maintenance, gas for the airplane and lots more!

There is a lot of information on the internet about flying.  And you can subscribe to magazines on the subject as well.  Check out your local airports as they often have flying schools.  Here in California some of the Community Colleges offer it as well.

If you have any experience in flying leave a comment in the box below.

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RE022: Making the most out of life

Margaret Cook Making the most out of life

Henry interviews Margaret Cook, a serial entrepreneur, about making the most out of life.

Margaret started her married life in an RV! And she’s not afraid of learning either.  Her zest for it gave her the opportunity to learn what she needed to know in order to build a coffee shop in her hometown. This is a fascinating story of someone not afraid to follow her own path, and not afraid to put in the time to learn.

Henry learned how Margaret is making the most out of her current life.

Margaret did a lot of things.  She worked as a nurse when she was young.  This woman even taught herself how to upholster furniture.  She purchased and ran a shop to showcase her furniture.  And she’s been a hairdresser. Not only that, but she’s also been a massage therapist. This woman has done it all!

In her current life of setting up and running the coffee shop, she’s had to learn a host of new things. This includes the legal aspects in her area. It includes deciding on what to add to the menu.  Additionally, she needed to figure out her niche, or what type of clients she wanted.  And…what about the competition?

The cool thing is that she created this “room within a room”.  The shop is called “Antiques and Coffee” and is located in Lismore, Australia.  Margaret has a list of ongoing projects including her “Stage Two” which will be taking an extra lot that is next to her family’s farm into another eating place.   You can learn all about it by listening to the episode. Just click the play button and you can listen now.

Margaret received inspiration the book ’The Life You Are Born To Live’ by Dan Millman.  She really liked the advice in the book to “make good of bad” and that’s what she did.

Margaret’s motto: Make the most out of it. We only live once. You should go out and seize the day.

Let us know what you think!  Leave a comment in the box below. As Henry says, stay well and be happy (it’s a choice)

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OMG! The Best adult learning Ever! Episode 68

Best Senior Learning Ever

Ervin and Beachner Photo

You can attend a class from your living room and ask the professor questions!

As I was interviewing these two, I said to myself, “OMG The Best Adult Learning EVER!”

First a little about these two amazing ladies: Ellen Ervin and Lynne Beachner 

As the former Director of WeMet Distance Learning Consortium, Ellen has worked in all aspects of technology.  Her passion is distance learning because she sees the power in helping organizations and people make connections around the world.

Lynne has worked in education throughout her career in grades K-16 as a teacher/professor, a coordinator of instruction, a principal and an executive director.  She loves the curriculum and instruction side to education because that is where you engage students and create lifelong learners.  She received her Ph.D. from Kansas State University.

Together Ellen and Lynne believe that it is just a matter of time until the world opens up to individuals communicating on a daily basis with museums, archives, health centers, historical societies, community and other groups both locally and internationally in an effort to continue learning and cooperate in projects that will help others. They want to do their part in supporting the inevitable.  The two of them formed the Senior Learning Network, providing interactive learning to senior centers and retirement communities.  Additionally, they have also formed Generations Learning, providing lifelong learning to individuals within their homes.

We talked about their project and I learned:

  • How they started the organization over a cup of coffee and a cookie at Panera

    • A non-profit 501(c)3 organization that can accept donations
  • Why it’s so cool:

    • You can Follow photographers on their journeys through a walk in a park, down a canal in Venice, or on-site at a volcanic eruption
    • The teacher can show you artifacts or other things via the conferencing
    • YOU can listen, see, and ask questions in REAL TIME
    • Technology is similar to SKYPE, the moderator can see who is in the conference
    • If you have a large group, you can break up into small groups and have a small group discussion. Each person in the conference can have time to speak.
    • To join the class, all you have to do is click on a link. Then you can see and talk to the person or persons on the other line.
    • Not sure if the tech will work?  Test it before the meeting if you’d like.
    • Don’t want to be seen?  You can also turn your camera off if you don’t want others to see you.
    • You can make remarkable friendships all across the United States by attending the workshops.
    • No limit to location (i.e. they have had programs in Japan and Australia that went across the date line)  They even had an UNDERWATER DIVER conduct the class!  Uh…OMG the best adult learning EVER!
    • Many of their programs have been developed for students (K-12) but have been adapted for older adults.
  • How it works:

    • Provide educational video conferences from museums, presidential libraries, national parks businesses and individuals
    • We discussed the current (2017) fees for the program $40 per month for a senior center, unlimited programing
    • How you can get a free pilot
  • How it helps seniors

    • Create a lifeline for disabled and older adults in senior centers or those aging in place who feel disenfranchised from society.
    • Harness the talents of retired adults who can share interesting life stories, skills or talents
    • Provide well-rounded programming on health education, wellness, prevention, and care.
    • Provide support for business development and mentoring for those who want to reinvent themselves.
    • Create safe places where individuals can talk to one another to give and get emotional support

So now you know why this is the best adult learning ever.


Learn more at www.seniorlearningnetwork.com (for organizations) or www.genlearn.org (for individuals) or 844-744-4344

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