How to Listen to Rock Your Retirement on your Smartphone:

The easiest way to listen is on your smartphone.  That way you are not tied to one location.  I like to listen while I'm gardening or while I'm in my car.

In Podcast terms it's called “subscribing” which is different from signing up for a newsletter.

We recommend that you subscribe to Rock Your Retirement so that you get the episodes automatically on your smartphone.  It's FREE, and easy if you know how to do it.  Once subscribed, your phone will be automatically populated with new episodes.  If you have WiFi in your home, then you can “stream them”, but if you want to listen outside your home, then you can download the episode you want to listen to before you leave your house (and you can also delete when you've finished listening).   If you decide you no longer want to be subscribed, it's easy to unsubscribe.

Below are instructions on how to subscribe using your iPhone or Android phone:


 How to subscribe to Rock Your Retirement using iPhone:


You have options when it comes to your Android.  You can listen on Google Play or your favorite podcast catcher. I have an Android and I like the podcast catcher called Podcast Addict.

Subscribe to Rock Your Retirement using your Android:

Option 1:  Subscribe to Rock Your Retirement using Podcast Addict (free version or paid version to remove the ad at the bottom):

  1. Go to the Google Playstore and find the app called Podcast Addict.  This is a free app if you don't mind Advertising or you can pay $2.99 (at this writing date) and remove the advertising.
  2. After you have downloaded Podcast Addict, search for Rock Your Retirement.
  3. Subscribe to the podcast
  4. To find the episodes, click on the Blue and Yellow Rock your Retirement Icon (inside the Podcast Addict App) and it will bring up all of the available episodes.  If you want to leave your house, it's best to download (click on the cloud) before you leave so that you are not using your data.  You can delete it from your phone after you listen to the episode.


Remember, for most apps, you will stop receiving updates if you miss listening to the show three episodes in a row, so you'll have to listen to an episode to start seeing them populate in your phone's app again.

If you'd like to get email updates of the shows, so that you can see a description and read the show notes, sign up to be “in the know” HERE.